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With so many different automobiles to choose from, the average customer is not always able to find the vehicle that truly speaks to their personality. There are so many shapes, sizes, and colors. Car and truck owners take a great deal of pride in their choices and for good reason.

So what does the final decision that you make say about you, as a person? The vehicles that we choose tend to serve as an extension of ourselves. The relationships that we develop with our vehicles serve as an expression of our individuality. We name our cars and trucks, buy accessories for them and even talk to them as we are driving.

They offer the outside world a closer look into who we are as people. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common vehicle selections and what they say about you as a person…..
open road


While those who choose these vehicles are often labeled as being unfriendly to the environment, these choices are made because the motorists are looking to spend more time outdoors. It’s an interesting juxtaposition. These vehicle owners are also known to travel lesser distances.

Those who choose the SUV also tend to be younger drivers that are looking to reside in the suburbs. They also have children that they wish to take to and from all of their various extracurricular activities. The SUV driver has a number of objectives that they are looking to achieve and they are related to family and work.


The minivan driver is considered to be a calmer sort of person. They are laid back, relaxed and down to earth. They are fans of long-distance drives and do not always need a copilot for these types of journeys. Those who own minivans can also be family-oriented, though. Perhaps they are taking the long, lonely drivers as a respite from all of the hustle and bustle?

Minivan lovers also tend to be suburbia dwellers who are all about family life and they are middle-aged in most instances. How many youthful minivan drivers have you seen in your lifetime? We rest our case. It’s not like a young person who lives alone is going to have much use for one of these vehicles.


The truck driver is a known doer of things. They do not like to sit back, they are the type to get out there and make sure that they are crossing off every item on their to-do list. Truck owners love rural areas and they are not the sort of person who is looking to reside in a crowded region.

Truck drivers love to spread out and enjoy the wide, open spaces. The truck driver is a hard-working sort, someone is known to be a model employee. Physical labor is a way of life for them. The more room they have, the more tasks they can get accomplished.

Sports Cars

Vroom, vroom! The sports car driver is an adventurous sort and they love to drive fast. Taking risks and seizing the day are their primary objectives. The sports car lover is a college-educated go-getter that is looking to get the absolute most out of life.

They are younger by nature and do not have children yet. After all, it’s not like a car seat is going to fit in their two-door sports sedan anyway. Their need for thrills keeps them from settling down and they are not particularly worried about it. They’ll get to the minivan life when they are good and ready.

Luxury Vehicles

Of course, it should come as no surprise that these motorists are all about the finer things. They live a life of luxury and they don’t care who knows it. Luxury car owners are all about the status symbols and they do not like to drive these vehicles over long distances.

They may even have a different vehicle for their longer hauls so that they can reduce the wear and tear. The luxury vehicle owner can also be a bit of a workaholic. They are high achievers who love to set goals for themselves and forward motion is everything to them. That’s why luxury vehicle owners are always on the move.

Smaller Cars

The smaller car driver is the sort of person who prides themselves on being environmentally conscious. They live in high-density neighborhoods and mingle with the local population. You’ll always see them out and about. Since they live in larger cities, they are going to purchase fuel-efficient vehicles that allow them to navigate these concerns.

Those who drive smaller cars are not the type to care about status symbols and they are not the workaholic sort either. They are simply looking to reduce the carbon footprint that they are creating and navigate their city without causing further damage to the environment.