January 23rd, 2020 by


Winter weather conditions can make it challenging to get anywhere on time because you may need to defrost your windshield, scrape off ice, or allow your car to catch traction. Use these winter car tips and tricks to help you deal with harsh winter conditions.

1. Use Vinegar Spray

Use a 75% vinegar and 25% water solution, and spray this on your windshield before heading inside. This solution will prevent ice or frost from forming on your windshield so that you don’t have to waste time scraping your windshield. Make sure to keep this spray in your car so that it can be used whenever you need it.

2. Save Your Side Mirrors

If you don’t have access to a garage to park your car, try wrapping your car’s side mirrors in plastic bags so that ice doesn’t form a thin layer on your mirrors.

3. Save Your Wipers with Socks

Instead of throwing away your old crew socks, consider using them as covers for your wipers. This will prevent ice or snow forming on your wipers, saving your wiper blades from needing to be replaced as often.

4. Use a Penny to Check Your Tires

During the winter season, it’s important to have good tread on your tires to help prevent slipping and gain traction. In order to check the traction on your tires, use a penny and point Lincoln’s face down and place the penny over a tire groove. If Lincoln’s head disappears, your tires are good to go, but if not, it’s time to change your tires.

5. Use Your Floor Mats for Traction

If you find yourself stuck in snow and are having trouble gaining traction, try using your floor mats. Place them between your tires and the ground to help your tires gain traction again.